Competence, innovation, communication are our slogans. We look to the future with enthusiasm.


Twincad staff boasts a twenty-year experience in the industry, having developed water  treatment machinery and systems, pump houses for reclamation consortiums, systems for tanneries, slaughterhouses, laundries and waterworks throughout Italy, all of them on a turnkey basis with  the pride of being able to  manufacture in house all  the electro-mechanical equipment installed. The company know-how is such to allow us developing a multiplicity of equipment And systems, making us strong and competitive on standard solutions, and–especially- on CUSTOMIZATIONS.

Twincad is constantly looking for increasing its technological knowing in order to reach the strategic goals and to widen its horizons. Here lies the heart of the Research & Development of our company.

The energy spent in identifying the new solutions and in the well-weighed redefinition of viable scenarios, is linked with the technological research activity that involves the whole Group and entails a capillary, continuous alignment of the know-how acquired with the skills required.

In order to maintain such approach as the core of our corporate policies, investments are to be performed within a large – yet well-defined – industrial framework, where the passage from technologies to products, and from the latter to strategies, aims at constantly aligning the Group’s Organization, Processes, in its strategic role of Industrial Holding, which is increasingly characterizing its operations.

TWINCAD has set itself tangible and intangible objectives – which are in any case strictly connected to one another – where the support to the business activities of the Group’s Companies is nurtured by the choice to systematically identify the viable synergies between each individual entity, integrating them into an overall vision.

This is where our will is oriented: connecting people into a fruitful network of knowledge, aimed at multiplying the potential to generate new ideas, new products and new talents.





Twincad means every day:


Several workstations develop new products and update the existing projects; all is followed up by versatile qualified personnel, in continuous contact with the Client. This allows for a technical support that ensures quality and significant customization, fully tailored to the final user.


1,500 sq.m. of workshop with cutting-edge equipment and methods and qualified personnel with years of experience in the industry, yet manufacturing is not only this. Our strength lies in selected partners and subcontractors who work with us in perfect harmony, ensuring products and delivery timing that meet the requirements of our Clients. Our main philosophy is elasticity and dynamism for the satisfaction of any kind of customer.


We resort to specialized teams and tooling to assemble all the equipment we manufacture in order to provide a complete service, up to the final Try-Out.

Twincad’s experience and competence in the industry always ensure state-of-the-art achievements.


Twincad’s over 10-year experience and professionalism and the demanding challenges we continuously face for the development of new products to meet the most diversified requests, have allowed the company to develop great skills in interpreting the needs of the final user and great ability to combine technologies from different sectors, thus ensuring the settling of complex matters and the greatest result from any challenge undertaken.


One of Twincad’s objectives is offering cooperation, to provide clients not only with the usual supply services, but also with dialogue and continuous support respecting each party’s role, proposing itself to Engineering Companies, Public Authorities, Consortiums, Cooperatives, Private Companies or whoever else looks for a reliable partner for the development of simple projects, machinery, carpentry material or complete turn-key works.


Design, development and installation are ensured by highly qualified staff with 10-year experience in the manufacturing of electro-mechanical machinery and equipment to order and – subsequently – whose needs and requirements are different every time. Throughout the years, Twincad has surrounded itself with reliable collaborators: professionals, small enterprises and suppliers that have been hand-picked in order to ensure a quality standard aimed at Customer’s requirements, thus ensuring a medium to high quality and a timely delivery.


Twincad Srl was born with the idea and belief that the modern world of labor is looking for flexibility and dynamism. Twincad’s strength lies in its being a lean and agile design and manufacturing company providing targeted support and services sized to Customer’s requirements. This is why among our clients are building companies looking for low-cost galvanized or stainless steel carpentry material, but also those that are looking for complex electro-mechanical equipment whose manufacturing tolerances are far more challenging.

We can certainly define Twincad as a modern company organized for a smart management of operations. Twincad resorts to the most advanced IT tools for the Management, Design and dimensional calculation of its solutions. The study, research and continuous dialogue lead us – year after year – to refine both the techniques and products and to develop new solutions to be applied to the field.


Come and meet us in our offices, where the skilled staff would be glad to help you in finding the most suitable solution according to your needs.