Shaftless screw conveyors allow to convey products to remarkable distances with low power and minimize maintenance.

The most frequent application is in the processing and handling of sludge and screened materials. Thanks to its structure, the shaftless screw conveyor with simple or reinforced spiral can reach a process inclination of up to 30°.

The conduct is of the U type with special formed profile, fully lined with wear proof high-molecular density plastic material; the upper lids are bolted, the charge and discharge mouths shall be defined at order stage according to Client’s requirements.

The customization also concerns the assembly of compacting units of the screened products, with drainage of the liquid part, and also special sealing units with torque control units.

Only Helical shaft or helical bevel gear motor of primary brands are used, sized with a high safety coefficient for a long life span of the machinery and excellent reliability throughout the years.

The main advantages of this type of screw conveyor are:

  • Absence of intermediate supports, therefore no clogging during handling
  • No mechanical components in contact with the product
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Reduced Initial Investment

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